• The Law of Causality states that everything that had a beginning has a cause. If everything had a beginning as the finite Universe states, then even God would require a beginning. The Big Bang states that emptiness formed nothing and then nothing formed something everywhere at once in the Universe.​
    In the Finite Universe, we have created God in our image.
  • If we say that an "unknown cause" formed emptiness, nothing, and something, then that cause would be a combination of something, nothing, and emptiness.​  If God can create something, nothing, and emptiness, then God is a combination of something nothing and emptiness.  God would be everything and the absence of everything, an oxymoron.
  • Why do bad things happen to those whom appear to be living a good life?
  • Why should a person whom tells one lie have to suffer more bad things than a person whom lives their whole life in theft and deceit? When something bad happens to a person whom appears to have little sin, then they are put to the test! Bad things can produce bad attitudes and make a person become evil. When bad things happen, then our actions represent what we favor. Do we favor kindness, gentleness and self control or do we favor hatred and a desire to hurt other people? Bad events can produce life long changes, so favoring kindness and gentleness requires work.
  • Often when bad things happen to those whom have no restraint to theft and lying, then more of the same can result as demonstrated with repeat offenders in the prison system.
  • Forgiving the person whom committed the crime that caused grief, demonstrates kindness and self control. These are the traits of the person that appears good. Jesus did not come here to change people, that would eliminate free will. Forgiving the person that committed the crime will not change them, since evil does not believe that it needs forgiveness. Forgiving the person that committed the crime, prevents you from becoming like them. This is the reason for Mark 3:29 or the unforgivable sin.



In War the spirit is willing to fight, but the body is weak. (Matthew 6:24) Mark 3:29 states that there is a sin not covered by grace. It is the unforgivable sin. We will be judged not by works, but based on Matthew 22:37. (Matthew7:21-23)

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Is Judas Iscariot is Heaven?  It is important to note that Jesus knew of the betrayal before it happened, yet he did not pray to prevent Judas from acting on his own free will. The devil betrayed God and was thrown out of heaven. (Revelation 12:7-12)  How was this betrayal possible, if free will is not needed to love God?  God is not an oxymoron that will accept hate and love as the same.  Why can't the Devil be forgiven, then everyone would go to Heaven?  Have you ever heard the saying, “only God can judge me”?  If we act like a God, then we do the judging.  The Devil does not accept the judgment upon him, thus forgiveness is meaningless to him. (Ezekiel 28:12,15) Thus the Devil can’t be saved, because he does not love God. The Devil lacks rational thought, since he is made of infinte materials. Yet his ratio is finite, so he is not I am.

The Greatest Commandment is not to be taken lightly.  (Matthew 7:21-23)


John 1:14 states the word became flesh, which means that Jesus could have been a mime or one that does not speak.  Everything that he did can be recorded as word, since he is not a hypocrite.  When Jesus said in John 10:30 that I and the father are one this means that he existed before the creation of Adam and Eve. John 10:30 is evidence for the Author's Total Existence Theory.  A virgin birth of any creature is not mentioned in the book of Genesis as a viable creation outcome is now word.  The immaculate conception speaks of the significance of the virgin birth, because it defines Mary without sin.  Mary being without sin gives her the same status as the creation of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. 

Macroevolution refers to major evolutionary changes over time, the origin of new types of organisms from previously existing, but different, ancestral types. Examples of this would be fish descending from an invertebrate animal, or whales descending from a land mammal. Microevolution refers to varieties within a given type. Change happens within a group, but the descendant is clearly of the same type as the ancestor.

Macroevolution requires chromosomes to both change in type and number, since organisms with a different number of chromosomes are in a different species and are not able to reproduce.  An organism must have the same number of haploid chromosomes to mate and produce a zygote.
The virgin birth of Jesus Christ is the best evidence of macroevolution, since the chromosomes both increase in number and change in type.  Mary was a female and her 23 chromosome pair were both x|x.  When the virgin birth of Jesus occurred the twenty third chromosome changed in type from x|x to x|y.  Down syndrome is another example of chromosomes increasing in number, however they are of the same type.  Macroevolution requires a change in number and type.  The virgin birth of Jesus provides evidence that both occur.

Is God beyond the understanding of Jesus Christ?

How great is God—beyond our understanding! (Job 36:26)   Did Adam and Eve understand God?  If God was beyond their understanding, then they could blame God for their sin.  Great is our Lord and mighty in power;  his understanding has no limit.  (Psalm 147:5)  Evil seeks to justify sin, so that its good intentions prove that forgiveness is not needed.  And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.  (Philippians 4:7)  Sin concerns a separation from God; reconciliation concerns understanding God through his Son.
If God's years can't be counted as Job 36:26 states, then is God finite or infinite? In a finite Universe, a continuous cycle of Big Bang followed by Heat Death defines the Time Space Continuum. This would be a pseudo time space continuum requiring nothing to spontaneously generate something, since it mathematically proves that zero equals one and no rational conclusions would be possible.  The author's definition of a time space continuum or Infinite Universe results from something and nothing being opposite. Creation today states that there was no period of time before original creation.  There was actually no time.  God made time as well as matter and space.  Based on this definition of creation before time Jesus Christ did not exist.  Love is an action word, so without matter or energy there would be no love.  Jesus Christ is the image of the invisible God, these are terms that require matter and energy to be understood.  If Jesus Christ did not exist before creation, then there would be only emptiness.  Emptiness is the absence of the Alpha and Omega.  In an infinite universe God is with us and he sees everything.  God is real, his creativity is beautiful, and his love is tangible.  God has a plan and everything you see is a result of that plan. God is in everything, since he is the alpha and omega.  God's plan given in the Lord's Prayer concerns bringing Heaven to Earth.  

Jesus states in John 10:30, "I and the Father are one". Which means that Jesus has always been in existence. It is not possible to remove Jesus from the nature of God. Jesus does what God asks, so Jesus and God are one. 

  • The devil seeks to be served by the good things God creates.
  •  Jesus came to serve the good things God creates.  
  • Jesus Christ and Staten are the best example of opposites and the best evidence that the Universe is Infinite.  Also, the author defines the human origin theory which requires evolution to have a virgin birth of Adam and Eve.
In 1862, Louis Pasteur disproved Spontaneous Generation. However, both the Big Bang theory and the Steady State theory require nothing to spontaneously generate something. So, should we teach spontaneous generation as invalid in Biology and valid in Physics? The prevalent theory of cosmic origins prior to the Big Bang theory was the "Steady State," which argued that the universe has always existed, without a beginning that necessitated a cause. religion.blogs.cnn.com/2014/03/20/does-the-big-bang-breakthrough-offer-proof-of-god/?hpt=hp_t4 In cosmology, the Steady State theory is a now-obsolete theory and model alternative to the Big Bang theory of the universe's origin (the standard cosmological model). In steady state views, new matter is continuously created as the universe expands, thus adhering to perfect cosmological principle. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steady_State_theory
The Steady State theory is a finite view of the Universe just like the Big Bang, since both make new matter out of nothing. The Big Bang differs from the Steady state theory, because it states that all new matter is made from nothing at one point of time and then all of it returns to nothing at the heat death.  Emptiness is the absence of God, so should we teach spontaneous generation as invalid in Biology and valid in Physics?
Is zero equal to one?  Are truth and lies the same?  If truth is not absolute, then it will eventually become a lie.  If nothing created something, then zero equals one and all math is finite.  To promote the Big Bang shows a fear of the truth, since it can't be mathematically justified. The evidence being used to support the Big Bang requires zero not to be equal to one, since patterns are mathematically based. 
What is the meaning of life? Will humans make it to another planet to live and produce offspring?  Will the sun last forever?  If humans do not make it to another planet and the sun does not last forever, then what is the meaning of life?  With gravitational assists it is possible to attain speeds of 150,000 mph in space, which would take 19,000 years to reach the closest solar system Proxima Centauri.   The next fastest method is called nuclear pulse propulsion it is a theoretical form of fast space travel.  This method can produce speeds at 50,000,000 mph.  At fifty million miles per hour it would take 85 years to get to Proxima Centauri.  These are the reasons why most scientists believe that life originated on Earth.  If life originated on Earth and will die on Earth, then what is the meaning of life?  To have children just for the purpose of carrying on your family name is meaningless. 
Are miracles more important than truth?  Do miracles disprove truth or support truth?  God is often described with miracles, such as the miracle of Adam being created from dust, the miracle of Moses parting the red sea, and the miracle of Jesus rising from the dead.  Does God care more about miracles than truth?  Matthew 12:38-39 states that truth is more important than miracles, since lies are opposite of truth.   If you ignore the truth, then you support lies.  Miracles are meant to provide evidence for the truth, which means that truth and lies are opposite.   A miracle represents an opposite of the expected outcome.
The book examines whether the Universe is Finite or Infinite.  Currently,  the  Big Bang describes it as finite.  A finite Universe means that one and zero are the same.  For example, Bernie Madoff lived a life full of theft and deceit compared to Mother Teresa whom lived a life full of kindness and service to the poor.  Both of these people are defined by the events they chose, and these events are remembered by us and we are made of matter.  The point here is that nothing made something as the big bang states and something will turn into nothing since the description of a finite Universe leads to its predicted Heat Death.  Moreover, the events that defined Bernie Madoff and Mother Teresa would become the same at the heat death, since nothing (zero) lacks the ability to discern between Mother Teresa and Bernie Madoff.  Therefore, according to a finite Universe or the Big Bang truth and lies are the same, since nothing, something and emptiness are the same. When nothing appeared out of emptiness and formed something, then zero equals one and all math is finite.

During the 2008 housing loan crisis, mortgage lenders were accused of lending to people that could not repay their loan.  Many say this led to the foreclosure crisis.  The broader argument, meanwhile, is that Democrats like Barney Frank actually helped create the crisis by pushing the government to expand its affordable-housing programs. New York mayor Michael Bloomberg has made a version of this argument: Congress forced banks to make shoddy loans to people who couldn't afford them, and that caused the sub-prime meltdown. Click Reference Here The point to this reference concerns fear, once the banking industry felt that the borrower could not afford the loan, then the credit rating on the loan dropped.  This would give the loan junk status and force the interest rate to go up in order to get the borrower out of the home.

What would Jesus do or what does any of this lending of money have to do with Jesus?  Did the wealthy and aristocratic people accept the wisdom that Jesus spoke?  Why did the wealthy man reject Jesus as written in Matthew 19:21-22? Jesus main point is do not store up for yourself treasures on Earth where moth and rust destroy or thief’s break in to steal.  Wealthy people do not hear the truth that the Sun will engulf the Earth and everything done to obtain wealth on Earth will be forgotten just like when a serious brain injury occurs and everything is forgotten from the injury.  What financial advice did Jesus give that the wealthy find to be absurd? But love your enemies, do good to them, and lend to them without expecting to get anything back. Then your reward will be great, and you will be children of the Most High, because he is kind to the ungrateful and wicked. Luke 6:35 is not a scripture to overlook, since wealth is the primary factor used to determine truth without the power to perform a miracle.  If you can’t make money, then no one should listen to you is the voice of the wealthy.    Moreover, truth is more important than miracles as stated in Matthew 6:24.
  • If God can't be understood, then sin makes no sense.
  • The goal of the Devil is to promote an incomprehensible God.
  • If Jesus is incomprehensible, then the Devil has made his goal.
  • If God made time as well as matter and space, then God would be incomprehensible. The Big Bang Theory defines God as nothing or without mass that formed out of emptiness and created something. God would be everything and opposites would not exist.
  • If God is incomprehensible at his core, then miracles would be impossible, since they represent an opposite of what is expected.
  • If God is incomprehensible at his core, then John 3:16 would not be true and life would be meaningless.
  • God can't be understood, so it's not my fault that I sin. God being defined without comprehension leads to justification for sin.
  • I may not understand everything about God, but at his core he must be comprehensible otherwise Jesus would not have risen from the dead. My selfish intentions prevent me from answering every problem, because of my personal desire for financial gain.
  • Jesus was not an oxymoron, insane or crazy, thus neither is God.
  • Those whom commit criminal behavior often seek to justify it based on bad things that happened to them. Justifying evil shows that evil does not believe that it needs forgiveness.

Hard work promotes personal accountability, since rewards allow us freedom and choice to purchase items we desire.

Personal accountability is very important when we examine sin. Heaven is described as a place full of love. Free will is required, in order to express love. Thus it is possible to sin in Heaven and be thrown out of Heaven just like the Devil, since the absence of free will would mean the absence of love. Love requires choice and to remove the choice would prevent my spirit from truly loving God.

If sin occurs in Heaven, Jesus will not forgive that sin with grace. Sin in Heaven results in removal from Heaven. Why is this important? Did Jesus have followers or servants? This is an important question, since a servant does not think on their own and basically does what they are told. A servant is always tied to its master. If the servant does wrong, then it is the master’s problem.

The follower understands the importance of personal accountability, which means that the follower is not going to look to the master for forgiveness when the master has clearly stated what is expected. A child is expected to make mistakes due to his or her selfish desires. God will judge your heart to determine whether you are a hypocrite. One can say that they accept Jesus and be baptized, and go about their life as if no baptism or confession of faith ever occurred. The question is whether you love God? If you do not love God, then that sin will not be forgiven. It is important to remember the power of free will and how it is associated with personal accountability. Yes, Jesus saves me from my sin and I am personally accountable for showing my love to God. The unforgivable sin (Mark 3:29) provides personal accountability and allows me to be a follower of Jesus and not a servant. To be a follower of Jesus provides me with personal accountability for my own destiny. Awesome! I love that freedom and sense of accomplishment. It is my choice to love God, and no sinner is going to convince me otherwise.









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